Vehicle Protection against AP Mines

PKI 9225Print

This lightweight system has been developed for protection of vehicles against anti-personnel mines during humanitarian missions. In this new system following criteria have been given highest priority:

  • High degree of protection – V 50 > 600 m/s for 1,1 g
  • Low weight
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • No modification of the vehicle

Before mounting the system it is necessary to remove the seats, door panels and bottom mats from the car. Afterwards the ballistic mats are being glued to the bottom of the vehicle. The individual mats must overlap each other in order to secure maximum protection. After proper mounting of the ballistic mats, the original components of the car can be reinstalled. The PKI Vehicle Protections system can be supplied as a kit ready for mounting.


  • Protection level: V50 >600 m/s for 1.1 gram FSP
  • Material: aramid fibres woven and stitched together to flexible mats
  • Surface: PFC foil
  • Weight: 8,2 kg/sqm
  • Total weight: approx.60 kg, depending on the model
  • Interior: no modifications