X-Ray Inspection Trailer

PKI 7375Print

The PKI 7375 is the worldwide leading, mobile system for fast, reliable and sophisticated X-Ray, Metal- and Trace-detection screening. It is a self-contained and trailer- mounted device providing a mobile security system to be used by any government department, in sea- and airports, at border crossings, warehouses and correctional facilities to meet every requirement to screen cargo, packages and luggage. Many government departments of ransportation have already approved this tandem axle trailer as being the best solution for all these purposes. Free from noise and distraction, the operators can concentrate on such inspections, as the PKI 7375 is equipped with a double-walled insulation of 50 mm and a super-silent roof-mounted air-condition system. Precise X-Ray images of renowned clarity are generated by the integrated X-Ray detector system and superbly displayed on flat screen monitors. The well-appointed station console is ergonomically adjustable and provides a complete array of image identification and processing feature. For each and every operation, equipment quality and placement are determined for longevity and reliability. everal software programmes are already installed on the Pentium 4 computer.


  • Overall dimensions of trailer: 4,24 x 2.58 m
  • Inspection capabilities: tunnel size – 100 x 80 cm, material penetration – 28-29 mm steel, contrast sensitivity – > 2 million colour tones, resolution – 40 AWG wire, conveyor speed – 24 cm per second, reversible, pulling weight – 150 kg, film safety – up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
  • X-Ray generator: x-ray tube head – self-contained, shielded tank High voltage rating – 160 KV, 140KV operating voltage duty cycle – 100 % with sealed oil bath cooling beam orientation – diagonal (80° beam divergence) dose rate per exam. – 0.1 mR typical
  • X-Ray detectors: surface-mounted, multilayer, fully integrated, high frequency, solid state, detectors using high speed processors and advanced Pentium 4 signal processing with multi-energy.
  • Video: standard with colour 17″ SVGA monitor, high resolution, flicker-free, .21 dot pitch, 1280×1024 pixel
  • Environmental conditions: 0 to + 40°C at 95% non-condensing relative humidity
  • Electrical power requirements: power provided by on-board motor generator set, 7 KW continuous duty with 50 Amps service panel