Training and Consultancy

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  • Wide spectrum of specialist subjects
  • Tailor-made to customer´s requirements
  • Highly skilled training personnel
  • Fully protected and secure training centre
  • In-house accommodation for students

PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE Training Services form an important and often integral part of implementing a successful security operation. A major factor in PKI´s philosophy is the conviction, that training and understanding of products and technology are a critical factor and major strength in finding successful security solutions. PKI´s Training Services provide specialist courses covering a wide range of topics. The exact requirement, scope, style and level of training is normally defined after a fact-finding visit to the end-user’s location. During this meeting with the client and final user of PKI´s products the gain of specific knowledge will be determined and a syllabus of the coming training-course is defined. Every service provided can and will be individualised to meet our client’s requirements. PKI´s highly trained personnel consist of only selected engineers with very special skills who are called upon by many governmental security organisations to give advice and consultation. Key factors are flexibility, personalised service, professionalism and utmost discretion. Total integrity and security of the client’s information is guaranteed at all times. The training centre is located on our own 20.000 square meters territory in Lütjensee (30 min. away from the centre of Hamburg) allowing the necessary outdoor exercises and system training in a secure environment without any external interference or disturbance. The complete area can be protected by security guards if requested.

The whole range of Training Services includes seminars in the fields of:

1) Surveillance including courses on academic basis, general techniques & equipment, audio surveillance, video surveillance, still photography, mobile surveillance, vehicle tracking, maintenance and service etc.

2) Counter Surveillance including courses on basic threats, professional threats, general techniques and equipment, countermeasure methods, countermeasure devices etc.

3) Crime Investigation including courses on photography, evidence collecting, analyst database etc.

4) Protective Security including courses on static location, close protection, VIP security, VIP drivers and team leaders etc.

5) Methods of Entry including courses on basic systems, advanced systems, techniques and equipment on how to gain access to closed rooms etc.

6) Anti Riot / Anti Drugs including courses on EOD/IED disposal, basic demolitions, advanced demolitions, sniper, narcotic detection etc. In each of these specialised seminars detailed understanding is passed on in academic bases, possible threats, maintenance and service, techniques and equipment plus the knowlegde about every feature of PKI´s products and how to use these with a maximum of effectiveness.