Audio / Video Belt Recorder

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Some years ago it would have been incredible to hide a camera with audio / video recorder fully camouflaged in a belt buckle. Unlike wireless devices this system cannot be located by HF detectors. The colour camera with built-in microphone captures every movement. Micro SD-card, recorder switch, power on/off and USB port are integrated in the bottom of the buckle.


  • Dimensions: 6,45 x 3,73 x 1,52 cm
  • Recording: real time in 3 GP
  • Memory: SD micro card 128 MB – 8 GB (up to 8 hours recording time)
  • Recording time: up to 2 hours per battery
  • Video format: AVI 640×480
  • Adapter: USB and cable for charger
  • Power supply: lithium-ion batteries