Camouflaged Audio/ Video Multifunctional Camera for Police Operation

PKI 5450Print

This multifunctional camera is the latest high-light in the camera sector and fulfills all needs for police operation in order to provide security to population. It is perfectly designed in an anthracite grey aluminium cylinder with dimensions of 80 x cm 16 cm diameter. The cylinder unit, equipped with a quick release fastener, can easily be mounted on any lighting mast within a few minutes. The solid device is sufficiently protected against vandalism. As PKI 5450 works totally autarkic no cables for operations up to max. 100 hours are necessary. For permanent use the device offers various sockets for different voltage. This high-tech device consists of a pan/tilt camera for day and night with recorder, digital transmitter for audio video with encryption system, telemetric transmitter and receiver, sensor technology unit and power supply module as well as a portable control unit within a case for controlling, monitoring and programming. The pan/tilt camera with zoom function offers pinpoint audio video monitoring of outdoor areas at day and night. The system can be switched from permanent to sensor operation, i.e. the built-in motion sensor will be activated by captured actions or movements, which automatically starts the whole system. Cascading is also possible, provided for example every 100 m one of our multifunctional camera is installed. In case of a convoy with VIPs driving down a certain road, all actions will be automatically monitored and recorded. Transmission of audio video signal is effected with high resolution and frame rate. Diversity-antenna-principle is used for reception, which means that the antennas are slightly displaced allowing multiple reception of the antenna signals. The various antenna signals will be evaluated and only the best parts will be combined to a high-quality, error-free signal. This offers a considerable advantage compared to standard receivers in respect of range and transmission quality. According to the selected power the range of the audio video digital transmitter reaches up to 3 km. The portable control unit can evaluate up to 8 systems sequentially. All actions will be recorded and can be transferred at any time by USB cable in order to view them on PC. For further security, the transmission of video signals is done via encrypted signals. There is a bi-directional telemetric radio connection for all functions between multifunctional camera and control unit. All details are shown on the built-in LCD-display. If required, we offer 2 days training for correct operation of our professional audio video monitoring system.


  • Dimensions of housing: 80 cm x 60 cm diameter
  • Protection class: IP 64
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Material: aluminium plastics, anthracite, other colours available on request
  • Fixing: 4 metal quick release fastener
  • Antennas: integrated in plastic part
  • Power supply: integrated L-ion/polymer 160 Ah, 14V, external sockets, 12 V DC / 230 V AC
  • Power consumption: approx. 30 W
  • Operating temperature: -10° – +50°C