Day/Night Vehicle Camera with Directional Microphone

PKI 5940Print

With our PKI 5940 we offer a powerful PTZ day/night vision camera with up to 36x optical zoom. Depending on the brightness of the environment, the camera changes, if requested even automatically, between colour and black/white mode and thus delivers top image quality by day and night. The WDR function (Wide Dynamic Range for extreme back light conditions, distinction of features and shapes and extreme contrast differences in darkness and light) provides for realistic photos at the most difficult light and weather conditions. The 36x optical zoom of the PKI 5940 can be digitally increased up to 432x and thus enables the identification of objects and persons even from a great distance. Besides a 360° pan range and 100° tilt range, it also disposes of adjustable preset positions. Tracking of persons is also possible (auto tracking and zoom). Protection class IP66 provides maximum protection against the penetration of dust, dirt and water. Optionally equipped with additional IR spotlight (operating range up to 100 m) or thermal camera for thermographic photos. Control via delivered control unit or standard Pelco P or D protocol (RS-485)


  • Camera dimensions: diameter: 278 mm, height: 295 mm
  • Mounting base: diameter 310 mm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Protection: IP66
  • Double lens system (camera, thermal sensor, IR spotlight, …)
  • Power supply: 12 V / 20 W (with heating max. 50 W)
  • Panorama (horizontal) range 360° = 0.1 – 55 °/sec
  • Tilt (vertical ) range -10 to 90° = 0.1 – 40 °/sec
  • Control protocol: Pelco P or D
  • Format: RS 485 baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600
  • Working temperature: -30° to +55°
  • Video camera: Sony FCB-EX 1010 CP (WDR)
  • Resolution: 3800000 pixels 1010 TV lines
  • Light sensitivity 1/60 s mode: 1.4 lx / 1/4 s mode: 0.1 lx
  • Zoom: 36x optical, upto 432x digital
  • Option: IR spotlight with 850 nm / 5000 mW / operating range max. 100 m, thermal camera