Digital A/V Repeater System

PKI 5525Print

PKI only produces repeaters upon receipt of an order as the individual requirements are very different. It is not possible to meet all specifications with one device. When does it make sense to use a repeater? Quite often the transmission power of A/V monitoring units is too low to guarantee large transmission range. This increases the risk of discovery of receivers nearby. The repeater (portfolio size and well camouflaged) receives the A/V signal and transmits it over a distance of several kilometres. It not only enlarges the distance considerably but also helps to overcome constructional and geographic barriers. Suitable for mobile as well as for stationary use.


  • Frequency: RX, TX
  • Power: TX
  • Antenna: omni-directional antenna or directional antenna
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, battery, 120 – 240 V AC
  • Version: A/V IN and Out, GPS, GSM, Internet, Display, channels, remote, coding possible