Intelligent Video Analysis

PKI 5970Print

The PKI 5970 video analysis system supports the analysis of video material from surveillance systems. Due to comprehensive analysis options, it is possible to automatically respond to incidents. The personnel at the monitors is relieved and can respond to specific alarm messages. So, the system is e.g. able to respond differently to movements of persons in the camera range depending on the time of day. In the field of access control, it is possible to work with facial recognition to prevent alarm messages in case of personnel access. Unusual behaviour, such as a long stay in the transit areas or deposited objects, immediately alert the employees in the control center. The PKI 5970 system is available in different versions based on specific application scenarios, such as monitoring of banks or entrance areas. The system is interconnected with the video surveillance system in place. This way your existing investments are protected and can be used more efficiently.


  • Video processor system for connection to existing camera systems
  • Power supply: 230 V AC
  • Network connection
  • Video input: 50 Ohm
  • VGA monitor connection