Outdoor Fire Detection System

PKI 5675Print

The PKI 5675 can be used to automatically monitor large areas of land for blazing flames. Besides woodland, it is for example possible to protect large storage areas or residential areasusing the PKI 5675. The system combines a thermographic camera and a CCD camera and evaluates temperature development as well as the occurrence of smoke clouds. When installed appropriately, operating ranges covering a radius of up to 10 km are possible. The system automatically searches the environment in a specified pattern and can thus trigger fire alarms at an early stage. The alarms of the PKI 5675 can be centrally collected in a reporting office and provide the employees with a valuable decision support based on the camera images. The data can be displayed within maps thus facilitating the disposition of the fire fighting brigade.


  • System entirely remote controllable via IP link
  • IR and CCD camera with low-light function
  • Operating range: up to 10 km
  • Resolution: thermal 384 x 288 pixels / B/W 720 x 576 pixels
  • PTZ head
  • Zoom: 36x
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C – +50°C
  • Housing conforms to IP 65