Outdoor Video Investigation Set

PKI 5960Print

In many occasions when you need to observe rooms from the outside, a precise preparation is necessary as well as the use of our special equipment. Our complete program, as shown in this catalogue, offers the complete range of devices for such tasks, but there is no omnipotent single unit to do everything. But as each government department should have at least a minimum range of equipment for video observation we have assembled this basic set PKI 5960 in order to satisfy each and every demand in daily and practical use. Other combinations of our products can be assembled in close contact with our customers. Please contact us for further combination possibilities. Technical data of each item included in this set can be taken from this catalogue.


  • The complete set consists of:
  • PKI 5715 window camera with
  • PKI 5755 receiver
  • PKI 8025 silent drill
  • PKI 8015 rigid search endoscope
  • PKI 5745 miniature camera with transmitter and receiver
  • PKI 8100 video inspection camera with display