Series of Camouflaged Video Cameras

PKI 5825 / PKI 5830 / PKI 5835 / PKI 5840Print

Camouflaged cameras are very often required for disguised observation tasks. This set should be the minimum to be with every government department. Local environments and the surroundings determine the type of camera system to be used. For every purpose this set offers the right solution, i.e. if an indoor observation has to be effected at residential premises, the wall clock camera or camera in a loudspeaker should be used. For outdoor observations the camera in a motion detector or in a steel housing are applicable. Other types of camouflaging our camera systems are available upon request. Whatever you need, we can do it. Wireless versions with built-in transmitter and the according receiver are, of course, also available for each kind of the camouflaged cameras.


  • Various items of daily use equipped with 1/3″ CCD-chip cameras, 380 TV-lines, 3 lux minimum illumination and built-in microphone. Each with 9-12 V DC battery operation and full operation of the original item as it is
  • PKI 5825 Camera in motiondetector
  • PKI 5830 Camera in wall clock
  • PKI 5835 Outdoor camera in steel housing
  • PKI 5840 Camera in loudspeaker
  • Please contact us for full information of each item