UV-LED Torch Lamp

PKI 5405Print

UV-light most often is used for recognition of falsifications and markings which are invisible to the naked human eye. The PKI 5405 is a handheld UV-LED torch lamp which has been developed for non-destructive material testing and detection of frauds on bank notes, credit cards or other UV intensive materials. It provides a fluorescent penetrating testing, fluorescent magnetic particle testing plus being a device for all the tasks of criminal evaluations which have to be done by police forces and other government agencies. Marks, fingerprints or any other evidence, made by invisible UV-ink on bank notes or other documents, can be made visible by the PKI 5405. It is a lightweight, portable and easy to handle unit which is useful anywhere. It does not need any warming-up time and emits 98,9 % of the UV-A spectral range.


  • Spectral range: 315 – 400 nm
  • Voltage: 4,8 VDC (4 accus, 1.2 V each)
  • Current: approx. 380 mA
  • UV-source: 10 x UV-LED’s
  • Lifetime of LED’s: approx. 10.000 hours
  • Wavelength of LED’s: 380 nm
  • Half-width of emission: 10 nm
  • UV-light intensity: approx. 1.000 µW/cm at 200mm distance, approx. 2.400 µW/cm at 70 mm distance
  • Weight: approx. 250 g
  • Dimensions: approx. 170 x 45 mm
  • Comes with: UV torch lamp, 4 x rechargeable batteries, Mains power supply charger 110/220 VAC