Video Surveillance Set

PKI 5950Print

This set offers a full range of video equipment for every type of observation. Whether a direct connection via cable or a wireless transmission is applicable – this set contains each component for a successful and professional operation. The complete set of video observation devices includes body-worn systems such as the camera in a cigarette package with directly connected digital video recorder, the day-and-night- system, the video transmitters with up to 4 Watt output power for larger distances and the corresponding receivers at 1.2-1.5 GHz. All these devices offer tremendous possibilities to the operator for unexpected video observations.


  • The PKI 5950 is a complete set of video surveillance devices consisting of:
  • PKI 5000 Professional Audio/Video Set
  • PKI 5600 Analogue Video Transmitting and Receiving System
  • PKI 5700 Disguised, Wireless Audio / Video Transmitter
  • PKI 5725 Wireless Camera, Transmitter/Receiver System
  • PKI 5750 Wireless Audio/Video System disguised in a smoke detector
  • PKI 5830 Camera in a wall-clock
  • PKI 5850 Digital miniature with flash memory video recorder
  • All technical details can be taken from descriptions mentioned in this catalogue
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