Video System in Mobile Phone Housing

PKI 5820Print

During meetings, conversations and in special occasions it is necessary to have a proof of the participants. For this a video observation is the best possible way, but in many cases it is impossible or not workable to install a fixed camera system. Therefore a mobile and camouflaged system is a good alternative. PKI 5820 is a completely disguised video system for unobtrusive operations built in a standard mobile phone housing. Consisting of a CCDminiature camera, a video transmitter and power supply it should be used wherever installation of standard cameras is impossible. Just switch it on, put it at a suitable place and you will have perfect reception at highest quality. Installation of a complete video surveillance cannot be more simple, faster and easier than with the PKI 5820.


  • Extremely small 1.25 GHz video transmitter with 1/4″ b/w or colour CCD miniature video camera in a GSM-phone housing
  • B/W-camera with 350 TV lines and 3.8mm lens F=2.0
  • 100 mW transmitter output power
  • FM modulation / 30 MHz bandwidth
  • 70 mA transmitter power consumption
  • 6-9V DC internal battery operation
  • Dimensions: Standard mobile phone